The Complete guide on blinds for conservatories

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

As the days get hotter and longer and the almost forgotten sound of ice cream vans echoes through the air, it can only mean one thing. It's time to clear out the conservatory and get it summer ready!

When choosing blinds for your home we tend to know what we want, but with such vast window space in conservatories it can feel overwhelming. So below we have wrote out everything you need to know about each blind, their pro's their con's and our recommendations.

Honey Cell Pleated Blinds (These are our fave for conservatories!)

Honey Cell Pleated blinds use a double wall fabric which is shaped like a honey cell. The honey cell design is a great insulator helping to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and keep heat in during the winter. Pleated blinds are available as Sky Lights, Perfect Fits, Free Hanging and Tensioned making them perfect for conservatories.


The Best Insulator: Which can help save money on your energy bills!

Great Light Control: Pleated blinds are built for conservatories, they let just the right amount of light through the fabric to bright up your conservatory, without any sun glare.

Cordless Options Available: Great for those summer days with children running about!


No Option to Tilt: Unlike verticals, but there is the dual pull option which allows you to slide the fabric up or down.

Price: This option can be a bit pricier, but with its insulation features it's definitely one to keep in mind.


Rollers are an all-time favourite due to the vast designs and colours available and they look great in conservatories.


Good Choice of Fabrics: Large collections of designs available and the choice of different light allowing fabrics (black out, mid light and sheer.)

Cordless Options Available


No Option to Tilt: With rollers they are either up or down, so if your conservatory is in a high sunlight space, these aren't the best option for you.

Price: Rollers can be very affordable, but as you look into more complex designs or sun filtering fabrics, the price goes up too!


Verticals have continued to be a 'go to' blind with its simple and functional design and budget friendly options this can be a great way to dress your conservatory without pinching the bank.


Good Choice of Fabrics: Verticals have a good selection of colours, designs and light allowance (black out, mid lights, light)

Functionality: Verticals can be fully opened and closed or have the tilt option available to control the amount of light being let in.

Budget Friendly: Verticals are the most affordable option when it comes to blinds


In regards to cons the main issue is design, as much as it's functionality is a pro, people tend to dislike like the look and is often compared to 'the office window'. To be honest, if you choose the right deign they will look fine. There is some things you should keep in mind though.

1) If you have multiple walls to cover in your conservatory, the vertical stripes of the fabric vanes can feel really closing!

2) If you're leaving the windows / doors open in your conservatory you are going to get vanes swooshing and clacking against each other.

Wooden Venetians

Wooden Venetians are extremely popular right now, but do we recommend them for conservatories? In all honesty, not really. The reason for this is most conservatories have large windows, and Venetians are not well suited for large windows because they are a heavy blind. Also the extreme changes of the hot days to cold nights in conservatories cause the wood to change shape and bow.

Aluminium Venetians however, are a great cheap alternative to Wooden Venetians, they are lighter and come in a variety of colours and sun filter options.


Romans are a time-less classic which never go out of style and give that luxurious feel. But that luxurious feel comes at a cost, so should they take centre place in a conservatory?

With Romans, there pros and cons are very much the same as Rollers, but with a much bigger price tag. So it really does depend on your budget and desires.

One big thing to note with Romans is the backing fabric, this is normally white so the view looking from your garden in to your conservatory will be plain white fabric, which some people may not desire.

So we hope this has gave you some food for thought and helped you choose the right blinds for you, any question please ask, were more than happy to help!

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